Aquarian Dance

Sacred awakenings

The Goddess

The Goddess come in so many way to dance with us, to guide us, to protect us, to nurture us, to wake us up, to heal us, to hold us, to love us. She has so many name 10,000 names, energy’s and story’s all full of power and grace. The Goddess is here to gift us the dance of wholeness…

When we tap into her energy we begin to awaken expand and know that there is more that there is the dance of Women’s Wholly Mysteries the voices of the Red Tent.

We meet the Goddess in our silence, in our conversations, in our knowing. When you call she listen she breathes the life back into your heart… she walks with you and clears pathways for your life to flow in Magickal way…she walk you through the Mystery…She show you the Divine Beauty, the Divine Joy, the Divine Love and the Divine Trust of the Divine Feminine.

You open to her and life changes it becomes blessed and you come home to your true self to being fully present in the moment and from here you create with all the guidance and grace of the Great Goddess…AHO and so it is Namaste

Here you will meet the Goddess in all her aspect… one of my favorite Goddesses I have been dancing with the whole of my life is Lilith the Goddess of Power….


I dance my life for myself I am whole-I am complete

I say what I mean and I mean what I say

I dance the dark and the light

the conscious and the unconscious

the sane and the insane

and I speak from myself- authentically-with total conviction

without regard for how I might look

all the parts of myself flow into the whole

all my divergent selves unite as one

I listen to what needs to be heard

I never make excuses
I feel my feelings deeply and profoundly

I never hide-I live my sexuality to please myself and pleasure others

I express it as it needs to be expressed-

from the core of myself

from the wholeness of my dance

I am female

I am sexual

I am power

I was greatly feared. (The Goddess Oracle Amy Sophia Marashinsky)

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