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Tantra: Healing, Opening, Expanding, Freeing, Liberating

Through healing and awakening your sexual energy, you will open to a deep connection between yourself and spirit...Tantra means to weave sexuality with spirituality.  There is a liberating feeling of being in love with yourself and the opening to unconditional love for others. Your awareness expands with every breath you take, because now you will have an understanding of what Shakti is! Shakti is the creative energy of the is the female principle of divine energy, especially when personified as the supreme deity.

By expanding the pleasure in you body you will reach limitless amounts of energy to rejuvenate the body and mind. Opening your blocked energy from your cellular memories moves you into deep healing and awakening. This will completely free your spirit to live a life that is expansive and creative full of blessings. You will expand your body awareness to reach higher state of pleasure, opening to divine love and ecstasy.

Sacred Awakening the Dance of Expanded Love.

Tantra yoga is a ancient practice, it is a powerful combination of asanas, mantra, bandha and chakra that work to build strength clarity and bliss in everyday life. The esoteric practice take you deep into new world of higher consciousness you will experience the ecstasy of ecstatic state of being. This new world open you to the mystery bring you on a path where you can begin to look at life through the eyes of love. Tantra teacher Daniel Odier is a master of the Tantric Shivaist Teachings from the Kashmir this practice is call the Tandava a meditation dance a practice that opens up to love.

In our culture today there is a movement we refer to as Neo-Tantra the art of sexual yoga. This practice awaken the sexual energy and can heal sexual traumas no matter how big or small the trauma is. When you find yourself on this path of Tantra you quickly realize the power of this energy. This can be practice with a partner or as Margo Anand say's you can ride the tiger alone.

Charles Muir created a powerful modality to awaken and heal the sexual energy this practice is call sacred spot.

Pamela has study with all 3 of these teachers and is very grateful for each one of her teacher that help her with her own healing work and held the space to teach this amazing work. I recommend all 3 teacher for anyone that want to go deep on the path of Tantra.

This is Tantra!!!
Come dance your fears into excitement.

Move from your anger only to dance compassion.

Open your heart to love unconditionally.

Free your mind from illusions,

dance to higher states of consciousness

be blessed by the ancient art of tantra.

Dakini Pamela Jane  C.T.E. (Certified Tantric Educator)

Namaste I am Pamela I have been dancing the whole of my life

with the awareness and connection to the Goddess,

following the path of the Great Goddess. I am a high priestess in the craft.

I began following my tantric path through the art of

Hatha Yoga (white tantra yoga) and through the path of the Goddess. Awakening my Shakti early in life gave me great gifts of Knowing intuitively I am a Dakini. A Dakini is a Goddess or Yogini...A Tantrika that embraces the Great Goddess by embodying her energy and highest will. A Dakini becomes one with the Goddess...

I started my studies in the early 90’s with Margo Anand. I awaken to my true calling of a sexual healer. I found myself riding a wave of bliss and landing in Maui Hawaii, to dance with Charles Muir at his source school of tantra. Becoming a certified tantric educator. Moving through life and always looking for more information and amazing teachers to study with I find myself dancing with Master Daniel Odier, whose brilliant work on the sacred text "At the Origin of Tantra - The Spandakarika" or "The Song of the Sacred Tremors". Daniel's work brings me back to the dance. Dance has always been a meditation for me. Losing one's self ... becoming the dance - in this moment "mahamudra". This sacred dance is called the Tandava. One of the oldest practices of Kashmiri Shaivism. I invite all to dance the Tandava.

I am available to work with couples and singles dedicated to the path of awakening.. Open to expand their awareness of tantra and the art of conscious loving, and the orgasmic energy and the limitless amounts of pleasure found in the body.

I am also an intuitive and have the gift to work with spirit guides, your and mine to deepen the healing on all levels past and present.

 Beginner’s and advanced students are welcome. The ceremonies I dance with include the whole spectrum of tantric awakening; Meditation, Visualization, Pranayama, Sacred Spot Massage, Movement so much more...  I am dedicated to the art of sexual healing channeling sacred energy. My gift to you is the invitation to dance a life of Magick, through the practice of tantra to create a whole, body mind and spirit. Namaste Pamela

                                             Tantra: The Art of Sexual Yoga ~Workshop ,Classes and Sacred Puja
Pamela invites you to explore the power of your sexual energy to heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit into states of unity and bliss.

Body: Through movement, dance, massage and energy exercises, this practice opens and reconditions our body's vitality and capacity for full feeling.

Heart: Through the practice of effective communication skills and emotional healing, in a safe atmosphere of mutual respect, the heart can open to trust and express our most tender and vulnerable feelings.

Spirit: Through meditation, visualization and sacred ritual, our connection to spirit is open and expanded bringing the sacred into your sexuality.

For workshops or private single or couple sessions, contact Pamela Jane for prices, dates and time.

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