Pathfinder:Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Counseling : Learn More ~ Pathfinder

Session are 1 hour and 15 min.. $120.00 a session buy 3 or more session and pay $100.00 per session. 

Spiritual Teaching: Based on Sacred Awakening the Path of the Goddess. Learn More ~Spiritual Teachings

Classes, Workshops, Cost and Location will be announced prior to date of event.

Massage Therapy / Energy Work:  This is an integrated Healing Massage. Reiki is universal life force energy.

Learn More ~Massage/Energywork 

Massage Session are booked over the phone 60min $120.00 90min $180.00 Reiki Session are $75.00 60min

Hatha Yoga:Traditional Yoga Practice ~Yoga union with the divine self. A physical practice of asanas (poses) that are done in a meditative state focusing on the breath and the alignment of the body.   Yoga Glossary
Classes: 1hr&15min. $15.00 a class buy 10 classes $120.00 save $30.00, private yoga class $85.00 90min buy 3 or more pay $65.00 a class.

Yoga Dance: ​​The dancing path to yoga awareness! A creative movement class that will bring you into your body and free your mind. During this 2hr class you will move your body through a series of rhythms and verbal cues no dance experience needed. $20.00  A class Buy 3 class for $50.00 save $10.00   

Tantra Yoga:Sacred Awakening the Dance of Expanded Love. A Tantra Yoga Workshop/Class will take couple and single on a path to expanding Love, deepening intimacy and awakening shakti in the body, exploring pleasure and deepening connection. Tantra is a path to living life through the sacred YES ecstatic, blissful experiences await your sacred yes! Learn More ~ Tantra Yoga

Workshop, Classes, Retreats, dates cost and location will be announce prior to event.

Monthly white Tantra Yoga classes will be the last Friday of the month 2hr class $25.00 a person.


Private session are booked over the phone.

Private Tantra session 2 hr. $500.00 I create all private session to meet the needs of my students.
Private Tantra session 1 hr. $350.00 shorter version of the 2hr session.
Tantric Massage 1hr $200.00 sensual erotic massage
Couples session education only 3hr class on the practices of Tantra $300.00

Couples session with hands on practice, opening up to intimacy and learning the practice and principle of the path. 4hr session $800.00

Mentoring/Coaching for Tantra Teachers, Sex Educator, anyone in the Sensual Arts..... Session are 1 hour and 15 min.. $150.00 a session buy 3 or more session and pay $130.00 per session. Session can be done in person or by phone. Please call to book appointment.

Spiritual Awakening Living in the Mystery Mastery School:This is a 3 tiers program each tiers is 9 months long with weekend retreats, home study and mentorship. Learn More ~ Mystery Mastery School

This program is $2,100.00 per tier plus your own expansive for books and getting to the retreats and accommodation. Payment plan available please ask.

Sacred Awakening the Dance of the Goddess:Retreats, Goddess Circles, Ritual Work, Coaching and Healing sessions...Getting on the path of the Goddess! Learn More ~ Sacred Awakening The Dance Of The Goddess

Cost $120.00 hourly rate.. Private Session cost is calculated by time and what we will be working on. Mentoring is available please inquire. Monthly Mentorship programs $500.00 working through out the month deep in practice with me. Coaching Session are $477.00 3 months 6 session (1 every other week) includes home practices, journaling  and reading list. Work can be done on phone or in person.

Goddess Circles are free! Second Friday of the month @7PM Bring a Votive candle and a dish to share anything from a gourmet dish to a bag of chip. We will evoke a different Goddess each month and move deep into here energy and embody her Power and grace.

Aquarian Dance

Sacred awakenings