Aquarian Dance

Sacred awakenings



Pathfinder:Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Counseling and Coaching Sessions: Learn More ~ Pathfinder

Session are 1 hour and 15 min.. $150.00 a session buy 3 or more session and pay $130.00 per session. Session can be done in person or by phone. Please call to book appointment.

Spiritual Teaching: Based on Sacred Awakening the Path of the Goddess. Learn More ~Spiritual Teachings

Classes, Workshops, Cost and Location will be announced prior to date of event.

Massage Therapy / Energy Work:  This is an integrated Healing Massage. Reiki is universal life force energy.

Learn More ~Massage/Energywork 

Massage Session are booked over the phone 60min $120.00 90min $180.00 Reiki Session are $75.00 60min

Hatha Yoga:Traditional Yoga Practice ~Yoga union with the divine self. A physical practice of asanas (poses) that are done in a meditative state focusing on the breath and the alignment of the body.   Yoga Glossary
Classes: 1hr&15min. $15.00 a class buy 10 classes $120.00 save $30.00, private yoga class $85.00 90min buy 3 or more pay $65.00 a class.

Yoga Dance: ​​The dancing path to yoga awareness! A creative movement class that will bring you into your body and free your mind. During this 2hr class you will move your body through a series of rhythms and verbal cues no dance experience needed. $20.00  A class Buy 3 class for $50.00 save $10.00   

Tantra Yoga:Sacred Awakening the Dance of Expanded Love. A Tantra Yoga Workshop/Class will take couple and single on a path to expanding Love, deepening intimacy and awakening shakti in the body, exploring pleasure and deepening connection. Tantra is a path to living life through the sacred YES ecstatic, blissful experiences await your sacred yes! Learn More ~ Tantra Yoga

Workshop, Classes, Retreats, dates cost and location will be announce prior to event.

Monthly white Tantra Yoga classes will be the last Friday of the month 2hr class $25.00 a person.


Private session are booked over the phone.

Private Tantra session 2 hr. $500.00 I create all private session to meet the needs of my students.
Private Tantra session 1 hr. $350.00 shorter version of the 2hr session.
Tantric Massage 1hr $200.00 sensual erotic massage
Couples session education only 3hr class on the practices of Tantra $400.00

Couples session with hands on practice, opening up to intimacy and learning the practice and principle of the path. 4hr session $800.00

Mentoring/Coaching for Tantra Teachers, Sex Educator, anyone in the Sensual Arts..... Session are 1 hour and 15 min.. $150.00 a session buy 3 or more session and pay $130.00 per session. Session can be done in person or by phone. Please call to book appointment.

Spiritual Awakening Living in the Mystery Mastery School:This is a 3 tiers program each tiers is 9 months long with weekend retreats, home study and mentorship. Learn More ~ Mystery Mastery School

This program is $2,100.00 per tier plus your own expansive for books and getting to the retreats and accommodation. Payment plan available please ask.

Sacred Awakening the Dance of the Goddess:Retreats, Goddess Circles, Ritual work, Yoni/womb Healing...Getting on the path of the Goddess! Learn More ~ Sacred Awakening The Dance Of The Goddess

Cost and Location of retreat will be announced prior to event. Private Session coast is calculated by time and what we will be working on. Mentoring is available please inquire hourly rate $120.00 by phone or in person. Monthly Mentorship programs $500.00 working through out the month deep in practice with me. 

Goddess Circles are free! Second Friday of the month @7PM Bring a Votive candle and a dish to share anything from a gourmet dish to a bag of chip. We will evoke a different Goddess each month and move deep into here energy and embody her Power and grace.