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Sacred awakenings

Sacred Awakening The Dance Of The Goddess

​​​Sacred Awakening the Dance of the Goddess Offerings:

Near and Dear to Pamela heart is the love she has for the Goddess, her deep

connection to the Goddess is what moved her through her life and allowed

her to create her life from a place of the mystery.

Her trust of the divine feminine is the foundation of her teachings. Pamela has

been leading women circle and retreats for the last 20+ years.

​Come Get Your Goddess On Coaching Session! Sisters are you ready to understand

your Divine Feminine Energy and How to live in your Wild True Nature!
Is the Power of the Divine Feminine Calling Your Name!
Coaching Session’s With Pamela Jane ~
Learn How to Dance with Your feminine Energy ~ Change What is Not Working ~
Create Balance in every area of your Life!
The 6 steps to Living in your Feminine Energy
1.    Understanding the Feminine Energy
2.    How to connect to your Feminine Energy
3.    How to Live, Heal and Create with your Feminine  Energy
4.    Learn about Women’s Holy Mystery’s
5.    Learn how to Navigate the Mystery of the Divine Feminine
6.    Learn the Power of Surrender and to Trust what you’ll  Remember

Cost: $477.00 3 month session: 6 call  1hr 15min. (1 every other week) Includes home practice, journaling and reading list.

Come Get Your Goddess On Group Retreats! is a weekend retreat that is a healing and

empowering retreat that awakens women's Shakti! Tantric healing practices,

rebirth breathing, healing ceremonies, ritual work, dancing, sharing, amazing

food and a attunement deepening your connection to the Goddess.

One ~ On ~ One ~ Personal Goddess Retreats! ​​In Beautiful  Southern Oregon
Come walk the Path of The Goddess, be held in the arms of the Mother,
let the forest, the rivers and the mountains heal you, awaken you and ground you!

Come unplug and dance with the Goddess…During your personal retreat you will be pampered with daily massage, yoga practice, organic prepared meals, custom initiation for sexual healing/awakening, energetic attunements to align with the power and grace of the Goddess. And much more. Prior to booking your personal retreat we will connect by phone to share all the possibility of what you need and what our focus will be for your time here.

 Cost of: one on one  personal retreat 3 days  $1500.00 Discounts available Please talk to Pamela.

Cost of: come get your Goddess on weekend retreat $450.00  per person.

​All accommodation including transportation to and from airport are included in price.

​Location:  Aquarian Dance Retreat Sanctuary is on 5 acres in the heart of the Forest in Selma OR known as Illinois Valley. The Illinois River, Hiking Trails and the Mountains are some of the most majestic visions of the Earth Mother that you can come and be nurtured by. The retreat house is a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bath with spacious living areas and decks wrap around the house with many private areas to journal in or just take in the view. The yoga studio is its own beautiful space where we will do the hands on healing work and practices.

Goddess circle are monthly on the second Friday (Venus night) of the month. Pamela creates a safe space to move deep into ritual calling in the Goddess, the energy of the earth and opens the vails to the other world so we can do Magick and heal the wounds of the collective consciousness and heal ourselves. AHO! After Circle POTLUCK! bring a dish to share.

Goddess Circles are free!!