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Sacred Awakening The Dance Of The Goddess

Sacred Awakening the Dance of the Goddess:

Near and Dear to Pamela heart is the love she has for the Goddess, her deep

connection to the Goddess is what moved her through her life and allowed

her to create her life from a place of the mystery.

Her trust of the divine feminine is the foundation of her teachings. Pamela has

been leading women circle and retreats for the last 20+ years.

Come Get your Goddess on! is a weekend retreat that is a healing and

empowering retreat that awakens women's Shakti! Tantric healing practices,

rebirth breathing, healing ceremonies, ritual work, dancing, sharing, amazing

food and a attunement deepening your connection to the Goddess.

Cost and Location of retreat will be announced prior to event.

Goddess circle are monthly on the second Friday (Venus night) of the month. Pamela creates a safe space to move deep into ritual calling in the Goddess, the energy of the earth and opens the vails to the other world so we can do Magick and heal the wounds of the collective consciousness and heal ourselves. AHO! After Circle POTLUCK! bring a dish to share.

Goddess Circles are free!!