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Sacred awakenings


Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Counseling and Coaching Sessions:

This session is a personal conversation with Pamela. As an intuitive Pamela has the ability to open to the spiritual realm and bring back information that your soul is asking you to awaken to. She will counsel/coach you on the path to awakening your heart desires so you can live life from a place of expansion, freedom and love. This session will require you to be open and curious and have a desire to want to grow on your path to awakening. You will bring question and share with Pamela what area you want to work on.

Pamela has been reading for people most of her adult life. As a young women using divination to open the other world and has she grew and followed her path of awakening her ability to open the Akashic Records and connected to the high realms of consciousness became a path of study. Pamela has been mentor by Dr.Judith Orloff and continues to assist her in workshops at Kripalu, Omega and Esalen institutes.

Pamela has studied in Chile South America with LuzClara a Shaman in the Mapuche tribe diving into the healing modality of the Native American Indians their rituals and ceremonies open her ability be connected to the energy of the Earth and Invisible realm and to work with the Star Nation.

Session are 1 hour and 15 min.. $150.00 a session buy 3 or more session and pay $130.00 per session. Session can be done in person or by phone. Please call to book appointment.