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A reading is a sacred session between myself, my spirit guides, you and your spirit guides.

          Our souls have a purpose and through an intuitive reading we can connect with our guides for that information.

           In following your soul’s purpose life can be filled with blessings; if not life can look chaotic, scary or for some, just boring with no life force, no beauty, no energy to live life to the fullest. The energy is not there because the soul is waiting for you. Sometimes we live for everyone else or follow a belief system that belongs to someone else. It could be the believes that we grew up with that our family taught us.  It can also belong to a church that we grew up in or it can be beliefs that society has forced us to dance with when we were growing up. There is no judgement or blame with that–but our hearts and our spirits know what's best for us and we need to listen to what our souls want us to know. 

          With a reading you will receive information that will guide you on your path . If you applied the energy and information from your reading to your life you will see change very quickly in your life. Spirit Guides will respond and create the situations that will  align you in the right direction for your souls purpose to grow and expand. Some things in a session will make sense, some may not. You must be open to all information, something might come through that will make sense later on. You will have a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose with more awareness and consciousness. 

          My gift is from the universe to share with all whom ask, to help you find or stay on your path. It is an honor to work with each and every one of you.





Session are 1 hour and 15 min.. $120.00 a session buy 3 or more session and pay $100.00 per session. Session can be done in person or by phone. Please call to book appointment.

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