Online Goddess Circle For Women Everywhere!

Are You Ready To Come Get Your Goddess On!

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The Goddess has risen! The Divine Feminine Energy is waking all of us up!
It’s time to reclaim your authentic powerful self and step onto the path of the Goddess.

The monthly Goddess circle will offer teachings, meditations, practices, guidance and connections.
While sharing your dance, healing and awakening with the sisterhood you will transcend into the woman that is needed for today, as our world and planet continues to changes.

Dear Sisters,

It is time to Awaken.

Sisters! Times have changed, the Goddess is alive and magick is a foot.

It’s time to reclaim our Divine Feminine Grace and Power as this is our birth right.
It’s time to gather together to transform ourselves and the collective consciousness.

I invite you to Come Get Your Goddess On!!! I invite you to change what is not working in your life by stepping into the flow of the new Earth’s energy!! The Energy of the Goddess and of the Divine Feminine!!

Pamela Jane

I invite you down the path
take my hand and walk with me

  • Have you heard the calling or felt a desire for something more? Are you done living from your old patterns?

    The Path Of The Goddess Monthly Online Circle will guide you through your struggles with attracting love, abundance, opportunity and awakening your true desires. Goddess wisdom and connection to the sisterhood will give you the direction, healing and opportunity to make changes, to live your most creative powerful and graceful true self and have the most amazing life!!

  • Is This For You?

    No Matter what your spiritual beliefs are ~ You can step onto the path and allow the Goddess to guide you ~ every part of you is an aspect of the Goddess waiting to be awakened, owned and to bless you with all the magick in the universe. Her gift to you is the dance of awareness so you can be the best you on your journey to wholeness and expanded consciousness. So if you’re ready for transformation and a life of freedom and liberation this circle is for you!! And if your waiting for a sign this is it!!

What You Get With Your Monthly Membership ~

  • Every month you will receive by email a Goddess that will guide you though her archetypical energy and her story of peace, love, light and shadow. We cannot become whole or heal if we are not willing to look at the shadow. Your sacred YES is what is required to transform yourself and life.
  • You will have access to a private Facebook page were you can connect with Me and other Sisters for support and expansion. I will post on the page the monthly Goddess we will be dancing with. The lessons, practices and meditations will also be there for your convenience. This is all for the deepening of your connection to the Goddess and Sisterhood to inspire and empower you through your dance here in our virtual circle.
  • There will be a monthly 1hr call, announced in the beginning of the month that will be recorded if you cannot make it. This call is intended to deepen your relationship with the sisterhood. We will create sacred space through ritual to open up our time together a ceremony of love and light to invoke the Goddess. Then a guided meditation, sharing from the heart, question and answers and a closing prayer to close the circle.
  • Immediately upon joining you get to download your free Goddess Matrix Meditation.

sister just fucking own it!

Investment For Your Monthly Dance With The Goddess ~

The Launch Dance Offer is open for 3 months!!!
Your special price is $19.99 a month forever if you sign up during our 3 month launch period.

You may choose to cancel at no risk. You may come back at anytime at the current rate of the program.
Recurring monthly payments make it easy to stay focused on your awakening and your connection to the sisterhood.

This is who I am. I am Goddess Pamela Jane. I have been serving the Goddess the whole of my life. I practice what I teach. I live a Magickal life by trusting what I know in my heart, body and soul. I am here paving the way for the Sisterhood to Awaken the Divine Feminine Shakti.

I will work with you step by step, breath by breath, to show you how to dance the path of the Goddess so you can live life fully awake remembering who you are and the connection you have to the lineage of the Matriarchal Herstory of Women’s Holy Mysteries! AHO!

Pamela Jane

Aquarian Dance-PamelaJane-Intuitive Reader