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Welcome to Aquarian Dance

July 20, 2018

Welcome to Aquarian Dance; the Center For Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Awakening website. I’m an Aquarian and life is a Dance! If this is your first time here, thank you for showing up! I’m Pamela Jane. I founded Aquarian Dance in 1994 and this became my life’s work, my path, my service to the Goddess.…

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August-Goddess-Reading- Cards

August 2018 Goddess Reading

August 1, 2018

Sacred Awakening the Path of the Goddess ? The Goddess Oracle and Wisdom of the Hidden Realms ? August 2018 this is a general read for all astrological signs that can use some Goddess energy, awareness, guidance and wisdom for the month. This energy is for women and men. ☯️ Please contact me Pamela Jane…

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The Wild Woman Knows Who She Is

August 6, 2018

The wild woman knows who she is what she wants and knows that it’s here her dance is deep within the self her knowing is ancient old her power is graceful, skillful, clean and clear she moves, dances, and shakes, from a place that is authentic and comes from the darkness it’s primal, loud and…

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Goddess Calling

November 12, 2018

Goddess Calling I call you to meet me where the depth of my amrita flows I look deep into your eye looking from the place where my eyes shine gold Do you want to dance Do you want to play in the everlasting knowing of the Goddess Do you want to trust me ~ touch…

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Iron Pentagram

February 1, 2019

~ The 5 Point of Power ~ The Iron Pentagram ~ SEX Sex is the manifestation of the driving life force energy of the universe it is polarity. The Attraction of God and Goddess, the on-off pulse that sustains the universe, the orgasmic, ecstatic harmony that sings with each being. SELF Self is identity, individuality.…

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March 1, 2019

Arrived I find myself here… present in the moment relax, calm, quiet no fear, no story, no drama a sense of knowing I arrived it’s mature, it’s powerful, it’s deep very deep clear, free, everything new.. creativity flowing, orgasm growing aware, so ready to live life anywhere I Arrived Hello Welcome Home Pamela Jane 12/17/2015

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