Iron Pentagram

~ The 5 Point of Power ~ The Iron Pentagram ~


Sex is the manifestation of the driving life force energy of the universe it is polarity. The Attraction of God and Goddess, the on-off pulse that sustains the universe, the orgasmic, ecstatic harmony that sings with each being.


Self is identity, individuality. Each of us is a unique manifestation of the Goddess, and that individuality is highly valued in the craft. Self -love is the foundation of all love.


Passion is the force of emotion that gives color and depth and vitality to life joy, sorrow, ecstasy, anger, fear, pain, love; we cannot feel any of them in their full intensity unless we are willing to face them all.


Pride encourages us to create, to do, to share, to grow, and to enjoy our achievements. True pride is not based on comparisons or competition, it is an absolute sense of one’s inner worth.


Power is energy; inner power, not the power over others. When the five points are in balance, the force flows freely filling us with vitality. Power is integrity, creativity, courage: The mark of a person who is whole.

Side Note:

This is my Pentagram, the first and only one I own. I found this in a wonderful Witch store in New Hope PA when I first started out. I was a young teenager that new her own mind and the moment I found it, I knew it was mine. As I learned about the energy of the pentagram and the power of the points the Iron Pentagram spoke right to my heart. It was a remembrance, I fully aligned to the power and the magick of the meanings of the 5 points. It was and still is a truth that resonates with my Soul.

The Snake weaving through it is a symbol of shedding the old, the out- grown, and represents renewal of life. The Snake is a very powerful symbol of the Goddess. Serpent deities and creation myths spring forth from every culture sharing the power of the Snake Goddess. The Snake Goddess energy of shedding fear, renewing hope and creating space for the power of the primal female energy known as Shakti or Kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine. Everywhere in early myth and cosmogony, the serpent was either the Great Goddess or Her prophetic consort. Power of life and death and the infinite cycles of regeneration were Her domain. The Snake is the personification of living wisdom.