Do You Know What Your Soul Wants You To Know?

Do you have a question you can't find answers to?

Have questions? Get a Reading!

Are you at a crossroad in life faced with indecision, uncertainty, & questions? Maybe you’re looking for guidance from something “higher” to help you address issues with career/money, love/family/relationships, health, or life transitions.

I’m known as the “Path Finder”, let me show you what your soul longs for.

After your reading you will feel less anxious, you’ll have more clarity & you’ll feel inspired to conquer any challenges.
An Intuitive Reading will give you the answers you are looking for it will give you a new outlook on your life.
An Intuitive Reading will help you navigate yourself through your life and will awaken new possibility’s.

  • Are you struggling to understand what is going on in your life?

    An Intuitive Reading can help you understand and show you new ways to see what is happening.

  • Do you have questions on relationships of all kinds: family, friends, loves, co-workers, or anyone else?

    A reading can show you what you need to see so you can understand the dynamic of the relationship in question and get the clarity or answer that will help you with that relationship.

  • Do you have questions about your love life, career, whether you should move or not, or what will happen is any situation that you going through now?

    An Intuitive Reading will shine the light on these areas and more.

The universe is waiting for you to ask for help so you can move through your journey here in earth school with more joy, love, happiness, clarity, focus, and abundance of everything that is for your highest good.

The Universal Rule is: if you don’t ask,
the energies can’t conspire to help!

The soul-ution to most everything we go through in life is already there waiting for us to ask the questions and connect to the energy. Our souls have a purpose and through an intuitive reading we can connect with our guides for that information.

In following your soul’s purpose life can be filled with blessings, if not life can look chaotic, scary or for some, just boring with no life force, no beauty, no energy to live life to the fullest. The energy is not there because the soul is waiting for you to ask for guidance. There is no judgement or blame with that–but our hearts and our spirits know what's best for us and we need to listen to what our souls want us to know.

With a reading you will receive information that will guide you on your path . If you applied the energy and information from your reading to your life you will see change in your life. Spirit Guides will respond and create the situations that will  align you in the right direction for your soul's purpose to grow and expand. Some things in a session will make sense, some may not. You must be open to all information, something might come through that will make sense later on.

You will have a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose with more awareness and consciousness to live a life that you will recognize as the life of your dreams.

The time is now!
Stop questioning the past or telling a story about the future.
Live in the now!

  • After the reading...

    You will get the clarity direction and answer to questions and situations that have you feeling lost in, lonely, stuck, powerless, chaotic, lifeless, board, or un-sure of yourself.

  • You will have a renewed sense of self to move through your life with a higher vibration of your own authentic energy owning your power.

  • You will have the power within to be able to handle all that is given to you. The good the bad the ugly the beautiful.

I have been studying and training in the metaphysical art since I was young teenager. I have been reading for 20+ years professionally and have the ability to connect to the universal collective that holds all of our answer. I have been mentored by Dr Judith Orloff for the last 22 year. Dr Judith Orloff is an author of many books on the subject of intuition. I assist Her in her workshop on intuitive healing, second sight, emotional freedom, the ecstasy of surrender and on being an empath.

During a reading I will open up the energetic field connect to the collective consciousness and with your permission we will open up your energetic fields. You can then share with me what is going on, ask question and receive the guidance from your soul, spirit guides, masters, teachers, and ascendant masters/teachers.

Pamela Jane

Aquarian Dance-PamelaJane-Intuitive Reader

My gift is from the universe to share with all whom ask, to help you find or stay on your path.

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