Sisters are you ready to understand your Divine Feminine Energy and How to live in your Wild True Nature?

Learn How to Dance
with Your Feminine Energy

Are you feeling a restlessness? An energy that is awakening in your body and is shaking things up for you emotionally, physically and spiritually?

That’s the energy of the Divine Feminine!
That’s your Shakti Power!

This energy can be overwhelming for someone that is feeling it for the first time. Maybe you are aware of what this energy is and are ready to explore the depth of how we can create and work with this power.

The energy of the Divine Feminine started moving through the planet forcefully in 2009. Prior to this the energy was here, it was always here, waking up women all over. The Energy was waiting for the moment to be cracked open and wake up the masses and it did in 2012. The Earths Kundalini snaked it’s way through the planet leaving the Middle East where it woke up thousands of years ago in the energy of the masculine. Let’s just say thank the Goddess that it’s over. The energy made it’s way through the planet to Chile South America. I had the blessing to have been in Chile in 2009 when it cracked the Earth and powerfully expanded out into the world.

Women ~ Holy Mysteries ~ Sacred Awaking
the path to the Goddess is the Soul-lution.

The Divine Feminine Coaching Program

I have created this amazing coaching program to assist you on your path of the Divine Feminine.

When you work with the 6 steps to Living in your Feminine Energy you will make big, clear, grounded changes in you life. This coaching program is design to support you as you move through this dance of wholeness.

Awakening your memories of the energy of the Divine Feminine will make this process with me an experience that is healing, creative, positive, motivating, and will connect you to the Path of the Goddess and to the Sisterhood.

You will remember that you don’t have to do it alone. A Wise Women said it takes a village. AHO! Sister

  • The 3-Month Coaching Program Will Give You:

    The balance you are looking for in life without burnout.

  • Energy, focus and clarity to make the changes that will deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine.

  • The practices that you will learn and have for the rest of your life will give you the awareness and consciousness to stay on the path and not fall into your story, your fear, your ego, and give you the strength to keep your commitment to yourself.

  • The practices will become your dance; as part of your lifestyle they will be the natural flow of the Goddess moving through you.

  • By the end of the three months you will feel and see how different you will be showing up in the day to day.

The 6 steps to Living in your Feminine Energy

  • 1 Understanding the Feminine Energy
  • 2 How to connect to your Feminine Energy
  • 3 How to Live, Heal and Create with your Feminine  Energy
  • 4 Learn about Women’s Holy Mysteries
  • 5 Learn how to Navigate the Mystery of the Divine Feminine
  • 6 Learn the Power of Surrender and to Trust what you’ll  Remember

Change What is Not Working!

Create Balance in every area of your Life!

"I have been dancing this path the whole of my adult life."

The Goddess showed up when I was young and I listen to her without question. I dance a reality that is a manifestation of my heart's desires. The path of the Goddess has led me through my healing and personal growth. I dive deep into Women's Holy Mysteries and practices that keep me balanced.
My dance took me to Chile South America to work with a Native American tribe, the Mapuchi, where ceremonies made my connection with the Goddess stronger than I could have imagined.
I continue to dance this path with so many amazing Sister’s that are dancing their lives into their dreams, sharing their connection and healing with Me and the Sisterhood. I have been teaching this path for over 25 years and it has been the path that continues to heal me. The programs I have created are all based in the truth and authenticity of Women’s Holy Mysteries and the powerful archetypical energy of the Goddess in all her forms. The Divine Feminine Energy is in all of us and I have been consciously exploring this energy has I move through my own path and the path of the Goddess. I am very excited to share this dance with you and hold the space for you to experience the Magick power and grace of the Divine Feminine.

Pamela Jane

Aquarian Dance-PamelaJane-Intuitive Reader

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