About Pamela Jane - Aquarian Dance

I’m here to share with you if you’re ready to take a big step (or smaller ones) and you’re looking for change.

I create all my sessions to fit your needs so we can get you started on your path of healing and awakening.
So if you’re ready to dance with the Goddess and deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine I’m waiting for you. If you’re looking for change; more love, clarity, direction, empowerment, support, financial abundance, changing beliefs, deepening practices, and healing on all levels, then I would love to dance with you.

If you're looking for Divine Feminine Awakening or getting on the Path to the Goddess we can set up a Coaching Session or arrange for you to come to a Goddess Retreat. If you need an Intuitive Reading or Womb Healing or any other bodywork, book an appointment with me.

I am certified in Massage Therapy, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yoga Dance and a Reiki Master/Teacher. I am an Intuitive that and has been reading for people for over 20 years.

I have been channeling the Goddess the whole of my life.

I allow my strong belief in the Goddess to move through me to create Aquarian Dance: the Center for Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Awakening.
I am the Goddess who founded Scared Awakening The Path Of The Goddess and Tantra Awakening The Dance Of Expanded Love. Two programs that give me great joy to teach and share. I also assists Dr. Judith Orloff in her programs on intuition, intuitive healing, positive energy and the ecstasy of surrender.

I continue to study, grow and stretch beyond the realms of the 3rd dimension to bring back the teaching and love of the other worlds. My work is grounded and full of energy that awakens, creates and heals. I am here to work with anyone that is open to all the possibilities that are offered when you say YES…

The Goddess is alive! Magick is afoot! Love is the answer!

On a personal note… I have lived a life that might seem abstract to most, but my roots are connected to the Divine Feminine. I was very young when I heard the voice of the Goddess speak to me and I have followed her ever since. I trusted the mystery and she led me through my life. Not that the first half of my life wasn’t full of karma, but I knew to dive in, do the dance and move on, learning lessons that would allow my healing and expansion. My childhood was pretty normal, I suppose, except for the dance I did with the Goddess. As you get to know me you will see the authentic life I live as I dance my being into my heart desires.

What I know to be true is: As long as we are in a human body we will always have shit to dance with, as we live on a planet of free will.
This means everyone has free will, which also means that there are master button pushers out there. These are family, friends, lovers, and everyone we dance with. Working with me you will see how much easier it will be to dance in your world.

About Pamela Jane - Aquarian Dance