I'm Pamela Jane
Sacred Awakenings:
 the Path To the Goddess

                                        Tantra Awakening:       
                                  the Dance of Expanded Love

I Am Pathfinder, A Psychic/Intuitive Counselor

People come to me seeking answers, so if your ready for insight,
change, direction, or clarity book a reading with me


Let me hold your hand sister…..
and walk you down the path of the Goddess

Everything is divinely perfect!
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This is who I am. I am Goddess Pamela Jane. I have been serving the Goddess the whole of my life. I practice what I teach. I live a Magickal life by trusting what I know in my heart, body and soul. I am here paving the way for the Sisterhood to Awaken the Divine Feminine Shakti.

The space I created now here in Southern Oregon is the manifestation of my heart. I always wanted to live in the forest and have a retreat home so I can bring whoever wants to work with me and lead them to their heart's desires. I have studied and trained with amazing teachers and healers. The most powerful awakening for me was when I was very young hearing the voice of the Goddess. I followed that voice, that energy, and it led me through an amazing life.

The modalities I teach and use to assist in your healing and awakening are Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yoga Dance, Meditation, Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing, Womb Healing and Intuitive Readings. The Goddess programs I have created include Sacred Awakening: the Dance of the Goddess, Divine Feminine Coaching, Group and Personal One On One Goddess Retreats and Tantra Awakening: the Dance of Expanded Love, which includes workshops and private tantra sessions.

I look forward to knowing and assisting you in your healing and awakening. Please contact me for a consultation call.



I serve the Sisterhood…That’s you Sister!
I bow to you and hold sacred space for you.

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