The Goddess come in so many way to dance with us, to guide us, to protect us, to nurture us, to wake us up, to heal us, to hold us, to love us. She has so many name 10,000 names, energy’s and story’s all full of power and grace. The Goddess is here to gift us the dance of wholeness…


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The Path of the Goddess

 Create Balanced in the Body Mind and Spirit!

Tantra Yoga

awaken expansion liberation freedom

 Healing, Opening, Expanding, Freeing, Liberating!

Tantra Yoga will awaken your energy dive you deep into exploring the sexual energy and the connection to your spiritual energy.... 


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Monthly Goddess Circles Info.

Sacred Awakening The Dance Of The Goddess

Sacred awakenings

Intuitive Reading...We will open up your energy fields and connect with your spirit guides!!  This session will give you the insight and direction to get you on your path!


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Aquarian Dance

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